the year is 2034

all one direction merchandise still uses pictures from those same 2 shoots from 2011 u know which ones i’m talking about

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*puts snapchat text over area of insecurity* 

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*settles into bed with blankets laptop headphones a drink and everything* ahh yes perfect. I have to pee. 

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harry strolls along the streets of LA, adjusting his headscarf and thinking about fruit flies when a white lamborghini catches his eye. it rolls to a slow stop beside him and the window glides down, revealing a chipper looking liam inside. “fancy seeing you he- where are you going?!”
harry has taken off. he rounds the corner and commando rolls to HQ, arming himself with all the necessary weaponry he needs. “liam is in LA,” he hisses to his reflection in the broken shards of glass strewn across the floor. “there can only be one.”

22/4 x/x/x/x

Harry Styles riding around 90210 - 04/22/14



The rest of the space is going to be pretty pissed when they see this. 

did you google how to take a screen shot

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Title: Fuck Love
Artist: Iggy Azalea
Played: 47714 times


Maybe it’s the way he walks

your secret tattoo, the way you change moods, the songs that you sing when you’re all alone, the way that you dance in front of your friends…

"It’s always been about a song and it kind of ends there, the genre element of it has never been inspiring. And that’s not to say that, you know, we’re trying to like change the wheel. We’re making pop records, in the end of the day. But I think you can hear a lot of our influences."